Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Super BitCon Just look at Patrick Scott Pattersons one sided arguements call this man a gamer?

This will be a joy to respond to why this person is a guest at any gaming event makes no logical sense!!!

Well I asked yesterday, both here and on Twitter, to see how many people pounding the whole "fake news" boot ever worked in the media. I received no replies connected to legitimate and direct news media experience who believes the current media is "fake".

Response #1 So you think you worked in Media by doing several Kickstarter docs, a few local news interviews with fraud and incomplete info about yourself? I guess Patrick CNN being proven to have fake polls for the election falsely claiming your KIllary was EVER in the lead is not enough for fake news? CNN was caught lying about scandals that never took place with Trump, the polling they took were of only Democrats, also it was proven TRUMP won all 3 debates making it FAKE news saying he lost any of them, because you don't know anything about politics or true media, ALL stations nation wide and world wide EXCEPT CNN had him win the first DEBATE......... Claiming the man is Racist by picking apart like u do facts and re writing them is fake NEWS, example when he stated Mexico was not bringing their best if you understand their and the meaning, they are he is bringing drugs and crime and their rapists not they are or they're but of course the FAKE caught media and have been issues LAWSUITS for it, said otherwise.......I guess the Media being caught taking pics of grounds before all supporters arrived to President Trump Inauguration faking the attendance numbers and later to be proven using photo shop and incomplete pics they forgot to shut down later to show the REAL crowds was not FAKE right, this goes back to you faking your scores, a kill screen that you photoshopped, created fake submissions and you and melissa CAUGHT entering scores, not including on the NEWS saying your failed arcade business did really well a few years when in fact from DAY one you were scamming people, and your fake incomplete articles on gaming scores and dates!!!!! You defend the FAKE NEWS because your life revolves around a fake story!!!!!

NOW For those unfamiliar, I was a journalism major once upon a time. Coming out of high school, it's what I thought I wanted to do with my life. That changed quickly in college, however, resulting in my switch to a business major.

Response#2 So because you got D+ in High School for for your Journalism, and Business F we are supposed to take your advice seriously clearly you wanted to be a WWF WWE wrestler it failed , you tried to be a journalist and writer since 2005 it failed and you still are a failed reporter!!!!!!! It's not like you went to some great college and got a Business or Journalism degree but I am sure like your replica t shirt and nintendo power bought stuff, you will find a way to forge a Business License or Degree, you are great at ripping others credentials and work for your own gain we give you a B+

NOW Long story short, I was assigned a piece about campus library improvements for the college rag. As part of the assignment, I looked into how these improvements were going to be paid for. I discovered that tuition was going to increase and the costs of parking passes were going to skyrocket, and the students didn't know this at the time.

Response#3 Where is this award winning Piece you of all people should have a framed copy of it, I call you bluff, you didn't factor inflation costs or illegals abusing the system, and once again trying to pad yourself thinking you knew more than others when in fact daily in your life your proven wrong and a liar, show your Shakespear lets see it Patrick!!!!!

NOW NOW That part was removed from the story, because it "wasn't in the best interests" of the school. I decided it wasn't in my best interests to work that way. I'd already bit my lip in high school when they wouldn't let us write about a friend who was killed in a drive-by shooting because "it wasn't positive"... not to mention the times I got called into the office because of columns I'd written that questioned some school policy. Besides, in business you actually get to DO things.... in journalism, you are typically just talking about what other people did.

Response#4 This is a wonderful fabricated story that never happened I am sure if we really dug into school records you never tried to write anything honest or complete, it was left out because you didn't include proper info and the school laughed at it. I hear you say long story short for over ten paragraphs sounds like a long story to me Patrick...... You are known in gaming for cheating, stealing and fraud and lies in articles why would anyone take you serious?

LOOK Now, that's an agenda, folks. Yes, media outlets have agendas... to a point. But that is not new. In fact, that's existed for as long as there's been a media. Various outlets have always leaned one way or another, ran information that could benefit their agenda and squashed information that could hurt it. This is not recent... nor new.

Response#5 Common Sense only your sheep cannot figure it out notice why 99% of your followers are nobodies and overseas

BUT But that doesn't mean it's "fake news". Fake news is when a website called ConservativeCircleJerk(dot)com runs a piece claiming that Obama came from planet Quidsquat, and that Hillary Clinton covered it up to protect the hot dog industry. CNN reporting, however, that the result of a poll shows "president" Trump with a low approval rating... or that one of his appointees donated large sums of money to those very people who confirmed them... well, that's not.

Response#6 Obama was not born here learn facts, just like when you post CNN and Occupy Democrats, and Only CNN shows Trumps numbers low until he wins and exposes them explain that one, his real approvals are about 80% and clinton has been caught and doing ill for years people were threatened and paid off, and when confronted they get upset, just like you delete and block people, to prevent your self being exposed!!!!!

LOOK Agenda based? Possibly. Even probably. But it's REAL news.

Response#7 FAKE

SEE What I see as a larger problem is not the media... but the public's interpretation of information they receive. I have two main points here.

Response#8 Like yourself you get incomplete info or don't even look and post it later to be called out in denial?

OOOOH now my points 1). Many / most of those who I see screaming "fake news" from the major outlets have and / or do share information from unsourced non-media "media" sites all the time. I saw someone just the other day claiming that an anti-Trump story was "fake"... despite the fact that person posted NUMEROUS links over the years to blog sites that claimed Obama was from Kenya or whatever. Too many people are willing to believe whatever feeds their pre-existing beliefs or biases while dismissing anything that goes against them... even if it means believing false stuff and dismissing true stuff.

Response#9 you love the attention so much you make up stuff as you write on top of the lies you post.

OOOOOHH MORE 2). Most doing this don't actually understand media. I'll count from my own experience on this one. For a number of years, I was producing feature stories on various people within the video game world. These were not news stories about something that happened, but human interest feature stories about the people behind something that took place.

Response#10 Later to edit or remove once people called you out on incomplete and fake dates and information to say the least and later you said I made a mistake yet posted it in a magazine, after being corrected on it.....

NOW Sadly, few seemed to understand the difference. People would scream "bias" if I didn't do one on them or their friends... failing to understand that feature stories need to have an interesting story to them to work. People would even cook up and/or believe wild conspiracy theories about some of them along the way... which were not only untrue, but a moot point anyway... because a feature doesn't have to be unbiased or provide equal time. People confused it with news, which I rarely did, because I find it dull.

Response #11 Thanks for confirming the bias fool by saying if the story is dull or not interesting they will BEEF if it up, this is called fabrication and stretching the truth, but of course that is ok to Patrick because he is known for it......

NOW You see this a lot with opinion columns and editorials, too. Nothing new... an editorial is a professionally written opinion... and so is a column. When newspapers endorsed Clinton last fall, people screamed bias at them.. despite the fact that newspapers have endorsed political candidates since ya'll great great great grandparents were walkin' around. Nothing new.

Response#12 clearly your now running out of PITY and LIES to speak of because the above is irrelevant, just like you are irrelevant..

NOW NOW The fact that people don't even know the differences between news, features and editorial is a problem in and of itself. And I think one of the loudest people who doesn't understand the difference right now happens to work in the Oval Office... except on weekends, apparently, where us taxpayers pay for him to hang out in his golf resort....*ahem*

Response#13 Number one Trump takes NO salary he pays his own stuff equip and planes, also Obama spent BILLIONS of tax payers money on vacations and TRUMP just stopped his last one, but Patrick because you don't have a job, live off the system and don't pay taxes, you don't look info up, tax payers don't pay for Trump to golf, we pay for your food stamps, and healthcare, while your wife works, and you live at home playing house........  and PAY FOR YOUR SONS VACATION TO MEET THE PRESIDENT YOU HATE AHEEEEMMMM COUGH AHHHEEM

NOW Media is a hard business, especially in the modern day, where it's 24/7 "quick quick quick" pace doesn't even give people time to concoct "fake news". People are too busy keeping up and juggling things to do that.... and in,fact, they are already having to bump and decline to cover or feature things for time.... in other words, they already have more than enough content without having to create "fake news"

Response#14 So why are ratings down? why is it only dumb cornflakes and snowflakes trust the media while 93% don't, if it were so legit, and just like why 95% don't trust you Patrick.

NOW Agendas? Happens, . I, for one, think Trump's an idiot for making enemies of the media. I know from my seat, I could sit down right now and put together a few articles that would obliterate some people's life. Sometimes, given the behaviors of some of the people I have information on, I don't know why I haven't already. I'm certain there are people in the media who could do that to Trump or who will eventually find something that could. But that's not "fake news", people... not when something is based on factual, sourced information.

Response #15 NOW Agendas? Happens is this proper English Mr. Patrick Journalism Major?
 Oh please you cry all day about the stuff about you being fake, yet it's all over the net, is it fake, Patrick?????? write the articles since you claim to have ill info we implore you to do so.

NOW Instead of covering your eyes and ears and screaming over anything that you don't want to hear - especially if you've ever shared fake stuff that does fit your belief system without question.... watch and listen. Don't forget that I was a BIG Trump fan until about two years ago. My opinion changed on him because I watched and listened. Try it... because just because you don't want to believe it doesn't mean it's not true.

Response #16 you mean like you cover your eyes and ears to facts Trump speaks of you and most liberal weak democrat live off the system snowflakes and cornflakes don't like to hear????? Yes just because you say all the stuff smeared on the net and many docs of facts on your ill life, and you say it's lies DOESN'T mean it is either.......

It's not to make our stories look good either it's sad we have people like you in society and gaming they are even allowed to breathe oxygen on earth.........

And once again you are so hurt your nothing like Billy Mitchell what Business doing did he hurt? As it serves you right for all your ill business doings, scams, underhanded work, stealing and lies

CONCLUSION on Patrick's pity day:

nothing to respond to man
its the same old circle jerk
hes complained FOREVER about not being a journalist
now hes trying to flex his high school journalism street cred to pretend he is some kind of authority?
then he spends paragraphs demonizing conservatives, framing them always as the negative news source or negative coverage (betraying his own opinion and political stance)

Then he says how conservatives are all asses who only believe things that suit their agenda...... followed immediately by how Trump is a giant asshole who wastes tax dollars so he can golf (something Obama was notorious for as well) and ends it with "and yall gotta believe me cause I liked Trump once"

It's a big giant wall of text to basically say, he is an authority on journalism, but you can never call him a journalist, and conservatives are all Idiots and morons who don't understand real sources, but they are also the only ones who only listen to their own narrative
Coming from a guy that wont engage in debate ANYWHERE except on his own fan page / echo chamber of buddies who will circle jerk with him all day about how right he is.
The hypocrisy of his entire post is laughable
Patrick is an intellectual peon and a coward and he "writes" with generalizations like a child wields a nerf bat. He swings it only in the direction that he doesn't side with, while complaining that that's what they do.

Hypocrite moron who should learn the meaning of introspection.
in sum: so folks, everything you read about Trump is true, everything you read about democrats is false and you're stupid if you dun think otherwise. hyuk hyuk, I'm an authoritay cuz I dun told ya so!
It would make sense that a freaking cuck that relies on his wife to pay his bills while he sits at home on his inflated ass trolling social media all day looking for the next widow to pry some video games from, would be a liberal.

Why would anyone do business with him or invite him anywhere!!!!

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